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Inventory feature
Inventory tracking

Never lose a product in your warehouse again

From the moment products are received into your warehouse their whereabouts are continually tracked until they are shipped out. Whether they are at a location or in a pick tote, you always know where everything is and how much you have.

  • Fully customisable bin location labelling e.g. A01 or OS:AA-001-01
  • Support for unsellable and unpickable bin locations
  • Containers are used when receiving, totes are used when picking
Receiving & putaway

Sell new stock fast

As soon as your warehouse receives new stock the clock starts ticking and you want it online and ready to sell as soon as possible. PackHero’s easy receiving and putaway enables fast and accurate barcode scanning to get this done without any hassle.

  • Barcode scanning records exactly what was received and how many
  • Receive items into containers for fast putaway into bin locations
  • If using single/static slotting your team is guided to the correct bin location
Receive feature
Pick feature
Mobile order picking

Pick efficiently without needing to print anything

Gone are the days of needing to print out pick lists and manually check off what was picked. PackHero’s web based warehouse app allows your team to pick with ease as they are efficiently guided around your warehouse.

  • Four picking strategies, from picking single SKUs to many orders at once
  • Efficient pick routing around your warehouse
  • Barcode scanning to confirm correct product was picked
Packing & shipping

Always send the correct product in the box

Shipping out the wrong product is such a disaster that it should be avoided at all costs. It annoys the customer and costs you time and money in extra shipping costs. PackHero’s barcode confirmation packing and shipping feature means you can sleep easy at night knowing your customers will receive what they ordered.

  • Barcode scanning product & shipping label confirmation
  • Supports weighing the packaged items for more accurate shipping prices
  • With added packaging dimensions the right sized packaging is suggested
Ship feature
Automation feature

Stop doing those boring repetitive tasks

Why have a person do a task when a computer can do it faster and more accurately? PackHero has tons of automation built in freeing up you and your team to work on more important things like growing your business.

  • Shipping method mappings
  • Order automation rules
  • Multi-warehouse routing

Double check everything is where it should be

Going to pick and finding the product is not there is not only a pain but can lead to order cancellations and negative effects on your store account health. PackHero’s stocktaking feature allows rolling stocktakes (aka cycle counts) to be performed so you can stay one step ahead of any inventory issues.

  • Stocktake either bin locations or individual products
  • You can continue to pick and ship orders while stocktakes are running
  • Require bin locations or products to be re-counted if there are discrepancies
  • Review discrepancies and on-hand quantity adjustments
Stocktake feature
Returns feature

Easily manage resellable and defective returned items

Returns are a fact of life for any ecommerce business these days, but managing them doesn’t have to be a chore. PackHero’s simple interface makes processing returned items a breeze, as well as keeping track of any returned items.

  • Mark returned items as having passed or failed quality control
  • Putaway damaged or used products to unsellable bin locations
  • Returned items report to find patterns and improve

Keep in the know about how you are performing

Comprehensive realtime reporting puts your data continuously at your fingertips. Know who your best team performers are or if there are processes within your warehouses that need improving.

  • Current and historic inventory levels & valuation
  • Orders, shipments & returns including item reports
  • Warehouse performance, including top operators and average pick times
Reports feature